Rebecca is a supremely gifted and extraordinarily skilled acupuncturist. She is immensely intuitive in her application and practice of the art and science of oriental medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition. She is a brilliant holistic practitioner...a kind and caring person and a genuine healer.

-Brian T. SLC, UT

I am SO HAPPY I found Rebecca at Earth Center Acupuncture. She has significantly helped my anxiety and I have felt so mich more calm and energetic since I started seeing her weekly. She is so kind, caring, and skilled and her office is gorgeous and peaceful.

-Alexandra V. Salt Lake City, UT

The best acupuncturist in town. Very caring and attentive. A true healer.

-Henry S. Salt Lake City, UT

I have been going to Earth Center Acupuncture for 6 months and I have a profound respect and appreciation for the care with which Rebecca treats her patients. She is extremely thorough and sensitive to my needs, and has given me a new outlook on my health and wellness. Rebecca has helped me overcome old and new injuries and I am deeply thankful for my improved quality of life. 

-Shauna A. Salt Lake City, UT


I first went to see Rebecca with excruciating neck and shoulder pain just two weeks after giving birth to my second child.  I’ve had acupuncture numerous times before at another local center but Rebecca came highly recommended by a friend so I decided to give her a try.  From the first visit I was impressed.  With other acupuncture I’ve had I felt rushed- stick needles in, take the needles out and send you on your way.  This was not the case with Rebecca.  On my first visit she spent a fair amount of time just getting to know me and my issues (both current and past). At the beginning of every visit she spends time talking with me first and assessing my progress before deciding where to focus the treatment.  She really takes the time to find out what’s going on, how I’m feeling, how my symptoms have changed and what I’m hoping to accomplish with each visit.  I am impressed by how thorough and knowledgeable she is.  One of the things I like the most is that she doesn’t just treat the pain- she also addresses my overall wellness and has recommendations for things I can do to change and improve my health, including a personalized blend of herbs that really improve the way I feel.  Each time I leave her office I feel incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated.  I’ve never experienced acupuncture like this before. Finding Rebecca was a God send and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

-Janelle P. Salt Lake City, UT


Rebecca was introduced to me by a friend who had experienced great success with acupuncture. I was having minor issues with foot pain due to arthritis and also wanted to improve my circulation. I have to say Rebecca is top notch. I did not have any pain from the insertion of needles and she was very sensitive to my concerns. It was one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever had. I went back the following week for another treatment and she asked me how my foot pain was and I told her I honestly had not even thought about my feet. I was so pleased with the treatments that I sent my daughter-in-law to Rebecca and her words were, "that was awesome!" I would highly recommend Rebecca.

-Sandy P. Park City, UT

The best acupuncturist in town. Very caring and attentive. A true healer.

-Henry S. SLC, UT


I came to Rebecca in search of alternative methods to control chronic pain effecting cerebral and somatic processes. Through careful consideration of an array of exhibited symptoms, and listening to my goals to achieve higher levels of corporeal and cognitive functioning, Rebecca came up with a diagnoses and treatment plan appropriate for short-term pain relief and long-term rehabilitation. She is meticulous in getting to root of the problem, compassionate in providing extraordinary care, and champions your individual success to overcome long-term health issues.  I highly recommended Rebecca’s services to anybody who suffers needlessly from chronic pain!

-Aaron G. Salt Lake City, UT


Rebecca is a lovely mix of strength and gentleness. You can see wisdom in her eyes as she works with a calm focus. I came to Rebecca with several health concerns. She has addressed them one by one to discover the core issue. Treatments are very peaceful and relaxing. I am quite pleased to have recommended her practice to family members and several friends, as I will continue to do.

-Lynette D. Taylorsville, UT


I initially went to Rebecca at Earth Center Acupuncture due to severe sciatic pain. Unlike other acupuncture clinics I have been to, she took the time to not only understand what was causing my pain but also took the time to review my overall wellness. She also took into consideration my extreme fear of needles and each time has turned it into a very pleasant experience. During my visits, she focused on what was causing pain but also included other points for overall balance AND also provided me with specific Chinese herb blends not only for the pain, but for my chi. If you are looking for an acupuncturist that is highly interested in your overall well being, will take the time to discuss your symptoms and also provide you with amazing feedback and results, go see Rebecca today!

-Anita A. Salt Lake City, UT


For years I’ve heard about the benefits of acupuncture, but never really did anything to pursue a different approach to improving my health…..until recently. Earth center acupuncture has been an amazing experience!  Being new to the acupuncture world, I wasn’t sure what to expect, nor did I have any significant issues that I wanted to treat. I’ve had 5 sessions so far, and can honestly say I feel better than I did before starting acupuncture. 

I’ve always had rough periods, cramping, mood swings and the pre-week discomfort before my cycle. I had become accustomed and assumed it was a normal aspect of being a woman. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, and it wasn’t until my last session with Rebecca that I realized my cramps and other PMS issues were simply not present before my last period! I seriously was blown away. I’ve also noticed that my headaches and neck pain that I have been living with day to day have also started diminishing. 

Rebecca is a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional who has really opened my eyes to the possibilities and long term effects of Chinese medicine. Rebecca not only focuses on my specific needs and symptoms at the present time, but she is sincerely committed to improve my overall well-being.

This is a true form of preventative medicine and wellness, and I am looking forward to future sessions with Rebecca.

-T.L.P. Salt Lake City, UT


Every visit to Rebecca has helped my healing in all ways. She is very easy to talk to about what injuries or problems you are dealing with. Her acupuncture sessions have made me feel relaxed and energized, and I leave with a sense that I am healing and will continue to heal. 

-Matt A. Sandy, UT


I saw Rebecca at Earth Center Acupuncture to help out with insomnia and migraines. Rebecca was thorough, kind, attentive, and showed that she truly cared about fixing not only the issues I had booked the appointment for, but others that could be resolved through acupuncture (anxiety and some women's issues). I was treated with the upmost care and professionalism and the service itself helped tremendously with ALL my issues! I strongly recommend acupuncture with Rebecca to anyone!:)

-Racheal W. Salt Lake City, UT